Coetzee Milktart

Rough Puff Pastry Milktart
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My grandmother had a secret recipe. She died with that secret recipe. No one knew that secret recipe… she thought.

Until the one day when aunt Johanna (a sister-in-law of hers) came to visit us on the farm for a week or two or maybe it was three. My dad, who never had milktart since the day his mom passed (because apparently only she knew how to make the perfect milktart), asked his aunt if she perhaps has a clue where he could find that recipe of his mom. Aunt Johanna burst out into laughter and said: “My dearest… that recipe is well known in the family, in fact, all of the sisters knows it off by heart!”

Long story short, my aunt Johanna taught my mom how to make it and my mom taught me. And this is from where I started to experiment with the Easy Rough Puff Pastry Recipe that I developed a couple of months ago. The original recipe (for the puff pastry) took 24 hours to complete, now darling… I can’t wait that long if I want a proper Coetzee-milktart. I did, however, change a few ingredients and methods, I guess it is a chef’s thing.

Please join me in remembrance of my grandma, Anna Elizabeth Coetzee (nee Pieterse).

Rough Puff Pastry Milktart
Rough Puff Pastry Milktart

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