Fruit Mince

Fruit Mince

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Whoever said that fruit mince is only meant for a white, cold, Christmas? Although we have a summer Christmas in South Africa with temperatures rising up to 48°C where we live, this is definitely one of my favorite treats during the festive season.

Traditionally fruit mince is made with suet (a hard fat found around the loins and kidneys of beef or lamb) but in modern versions, the suet is replaced with butter. I always prefer using salted butter, all because of flavoring.

Not only is fruit mince used in the traditional British mince pies, but can also be used:

  • in a Christmas fruit cake;
  • as a filling for a deboned rack of lamb;
  • as a filling in phyllo cigars;
  • to bake a fruit mince crumble;
  • as a filling for cinnabuns.
  • and plenty more…

A recipe for fruit mince pies will follow shortly.

Note: for a smoother texture, place the cooled fruit mince in the bowl of a food processor and pulse until the desired texture is reached.


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