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Every couple has their own idea of what cake they want for their big day. The designs and ideas are endless… A wedding cake can range from cheap to very expensive, all depending on the size and design. Having a large cake, you should ask yourself the question: Why?

Is it only for show or will the cake be served as a dessert? The latter, of course, makes the most sense. Instead of serving a plated dessert have your cake as a dessert. In my personal opinion, I think serving a plated dessert at a wedding reception is a total waste of money. Nowadays, after the mains have been served and eaten, the couple normally continues the reception by opening the dance floor. Now that changes the whole dynamics of the wedding. All the guests (or most of them) will leave their seats and either go dance or go to the common area where they can enjoy a drink and have a conversation with other friends. The time when dessert is served, 80% of the guests are not seated anymore, and then it goes to waste….NO! I hate food being wasted. So, have your cake tiers separated and serve that as a self-help option in the common area. Why waste the cake AND the dessert? Being a chef, I hate to see a plate of food or dessert return to the kitchen untouched. Hours and hours went into planning and preparation. A lot of guests will stop me in the passing by and ask: How can you let people cut a wedding cake? All the hours you invested and that to be cut? The answer is simple. Yes, I do put a lot of time into the cakes, BUT, in the end, it was made not to waste. It was made to be enjoyed!

For free quotes in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa, please do not hesitate to complete the form below. I do travel with the cakes and all I need at your venue of choice is fridge space, electricity, a work table, and your choice of cakestand. That’s all, the rest I will supply!

Wedding Cake Flavours

When the cake is being served as a dessert option, it is always a good idea to stay neutral with the flavors. Try to avoid cakes that contain allergens eg: nuts & honey. If the chef or baker is willing, you can have each tier in a different flavor. I always suggest having 2 flavors only.

The standard cake flavours are always a good choice. Chocolate, Vanilla OR Coconut & White Chocolate. Now you will ask, what about Red Velvet, that is also a standard caked? Yes, it’s true, but the mixing method of a traditional Red Velvet cake does not make it suitable to be a stackable cake. If it is a one tier cake or the top tier op a cake is Red Velvet, then that is OK. If you want the entire cake to be Red Velvet, you will have to twist the chef or bakers’ arm to do some modifications to the mixing method of the recipe so that it is suitable for stacking.

Standard Flavours

  • Chocolate Cake
  • Vanilla Cake
  • Coconut & White Chocolate Cake
  • Red Velvet Cake (please read notes above)
  • Lemon Cake

Other Flavours

  • Lemon and Poppyseed Cake
  • Tropical Carrot Cake
  • Orange, Date & Thyme Cake

Wedding Cake Tiers

Below is a few images of possible cake design per tier.

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