Soft and Fluffy Hamburger Buns

Burger Buns

I love a burger on a soft bun with a super crispy crust. I guess everybody does… This is an easy recipe that involves no kneading but patience.

I ended up creating three different recipes and methods for a perfect bun. I always want to create something quick and easy for everybody to be able to make it. But one thing I have realized was… There does not exist a descent yeasted bread or bun that is QUICK to make. No, bread takes time and you need patience. Understand the dough that you work with and give it enough time to relax before you heat it up!

This is a super easy recipe that does not need to be kneaded. Instead you will do a few stretch and fold session. Please see this video below to explain the stretch and fold.

Stretch and Fold Method Tutorial

To get a recipe for perfect hamburger patties, follow this link.

Ultimate Homemade Burgers

Beef Hamburger patties

We all love burgers, right? Even if you are on a strict eating plan, there is this one day that you have cravings for a juicy, messy burger. If you take a bite from the monster built burger, the Marie Rose sauce (yes, this is the name for the pink mayonnaise sauce) must drip down the sides of your mouth. Yeah! I had those cravings this past weekend.

Since I can remember, I loved burgers. My mother always had to make the Marie Rose with extra tomato sauce… always had a sweet tooth!

So I confessed that I love burgers… who doesn’t? I mean, if you do get vegan patties then I suppose that vegans also love burgers? INDEED! My other confession is that I am in love with a typical country and western scene. The cowboy shirts, boots, hats, belts… Oh, and don’t forget that accent when a cowboy says: “wanna go for a ride, cowboy?”

So this past weekend it was my birthday during the lockdown. Not knowing that Johan planned a surprise picnic in the mountain, I planned a country theme party where all our food was made on the fire, and of course, we had to dress up.

Hamburger Buns grilled on fire
Hamburger buns were grilled over medium heat.

So we took the dogs for a walk, at around 5 pm, and on our way, Johan took us on a detour, not the same footpath we always walk… I immediately knew that something was cooking… what I didn’t know was that somebody did cook something without me knowing what he was cooking. And there, not far from where we took the right turn instead of the left, I saw it. A beautiful setting in the middle of nowhere a picnic blanket and a basket… Now it all makes sense of why he had to go to the venue so often during the day. The basket was packed with crusty frozen ciabatta that was refreshed in the oven (will still tell you about that trick) and cheeses, pâté, figs, AND best of all, a bottle of our favorite wine. Even the dogs were treated with special biscuits.

Beef Hamburger patties
Beef burger served on a fire grilled bun.

When we got back home, we first had to dress… my party, my dress-code. Check shirts, skinny jeans, and South African type of boots (we still need to visit Texas to get proper boots) Then our ritual… an ice-cold Jagermeister to start the fire. The rest is history, first the bread was grilled over low heat (I did bake some in the oven) and then the homemade real beef patties.

South African Braai
Our boots…. not the real cowboy ones, but we will get soon

Follow this link to get the recipe for the Hamburger Buns.